We all change …?

Mmm … will or will not be ??? I think physically we can change, because as time goes by we accumulate more years hehehe, because yeah we get old.  But we change that we grow not only in years but we grow  if we dare to leave our old habits, old patterns we leave them behind. People who dare to look beyond what is already laid out for all and people who turn in the opposite direction. Those who do not stop learning although we left college and even those who did not go to college but have always been learning and do not stop learning. Because you do not need a nice Certificate hanging on your wall to be successful, do not misunderstand me, I do not regret having gone to college, because it definitely helped me become the person I am now, in some way, although only use chemistry in other matters,  , I’m glad to have met the people I  met and what I learned. However, the difference wasn’t set because of college oro ut of it in the workplace,  although it was a step in discovering what I wanted and what I didn’t want. Really what made the difference in my life was a different knowledge. That knowledge that comes when we are ready, but especially open to listening, reading and keep learning, because it is very true, when the student is ready the teacher appears.

That knowledge is personal growth, and no matter the activity you do, is one of the most important pillars. Some: have heard of it in the bookstore section “Self Help” and there’s some people who I heard say  “I do not need self-help”‘, or those  courses that are sects I heard say once one of my friends who prefers his therapist and if it works for her that okay, as I said before, not everyone is ready for something different and maybe, we need to trust our timing. But there are other people who are so ready to devour a book and begin to change what it wasn’t working in their lives. Yes definitely change is inevitable, but because of what happens around us, called circumstances, but growth and learn lessons from the circumstances, that is a choice, a firm decision to want something else, something different, something that is calling you. And that growth can start with a book, with what someone else told you, a course, a trip, a life lesson, but only if we decided to be open mind to evolve, that’s the word, that’s the right word…

 Angie M.