Loving yourself

One of the things I’ve learned during these past years and experience is to love  me , that’s why the title of the post loving yourself. Because loving yourself is the greatest force we have to get everything we want , is to feel comfortable within our skin and yeah we are not perfect, but it’s about love ourselves how we are, see the mirror and say I’m beautiful inside out every single day, affirmations every single day to recognize the great human beings we all are. Yes, there are times that we can focus more on the negative and that’s the moment when we need to stop, and be aware that we are doing that and change it, switch it immediately. Why? Because if you don’t love yourself, you’re gonna attract people that don’t recongnize your value either and that could be the beggining to the toxic relationships, love relationships, and friendships or sort of, people who do not love you truly.

I’m saying this because I experience it, for many year I did not love me enough, and I allowed toxic relationships, and “friends” that validate that I wasn’t really important, because I didn’t feel important. One of the situations that definitely made me grow and learn was the time when a group of “friends” started telling me all my faults and I remained quiet and accepted their feedback. It was one of the most painful experiences, but  at the same time it was this experience that made me grow sooo much and helped me to become the person I am now and stop seeing myself as the victim and get away from that group. But also to forive them, forgive them not because they have apologized, there are times that people are never going to apoligize and that’s fine, i’ve learned now, because the forgiveness is good for you and for your soul and that’s when you grow and you look for more tools to develop yoursel as a person. And there are times it’s gonna be like the onions, and you have to peel all your layers until you unleash your essence, but above all learn that life happens for you, not to you, woow when I heard that from Tony Robbins, I was surprised, because although my conscious part said I am not a victim, my subcounscious part was still believing it. So in every situation ask yourself what you can learn, yes seriously, sometimes it seems you can’t learn something, but you can, but yeah all starts loving ourselves. And there will be times we have a lot of luggage and many emotional stuff going on, but you know something, It will sound corny, but your soul already knows what is the cure, in my case it was personal development, affirmations, coaching, spiritual growth, and Tony Robbins seminar, and yes I give the credit to the seminar, but also to the decision I made there to love myself, because loving yourself will allow you to  love others, that’s the truth. Realice that you are a great human being, be proud of who you are and feel it within yourself, but over all, never stop growing.