I used to be…

I have always been those people who have had to fall to rise, I know it’s not the smartest way. The smartest way is to learn from mistakes or experiences of others, now I know and begin to apply it and not just think that this should be. I used to…

 -Be Of those people seeking the approval of others, especially if I was in love with someone, trying to look good, even if it meant that I was not good about myself.

-Be Of those people who remained silent, although something screams from inside.

-Be Of those people who don’t love myself enough and accepted the indifferent treatment of some people.

-Be Of those people who lost time with love relationships that did not carry anywhere.

-Be Of those people who used to compare myself with others, but that does not give happiness. One thing is to aspire to be better every day, but the person with whom you were yesterday. Yeah it sounds cheesy and romantic or however you want to say, but that’s the truth.

-Be Of those people who were not really enjoying the moment and looked much the past or far future. Do not misunderstand me is importaaaante to plan, you have to look and prevent (yeahh for sure I learned from my experience hehehe), but the point is to enjoy that moment. Maybe it’s the beautiful view of the waves on the beach, or the story of an adult telling you is amazing as 100 years can pass so quickly and learn from their experiences and how seriously flies. And now I’m that person that continues growing and will continue in every area of my life, which is learning and  getting out of my comfort zone which is really that makes us grow. I am one of those people who are tired of empty relationships, I am of those people who will keep continue saying what I want to say and describe it from the heart to paper and I invite you, if you have something to say just say it, do not hesitate and have faith.

 Angie M.