I think…

Basically is a matter of listening not deceiving ourselves about what we want to do for our lives, because if we hide our talent we are not going to make a difference in someone else. For a long time, and I’ve been told this before, and not because of the talent, because I think deep down ourselves we already know what is our talent. Personally it has been my own belief that I need to finish college first, have a job first, etc, etc and until I have everything solved, then i can go for what I really want. Until i really realized that you can do both. I never imagined that I liked so much writting, althought since I was a child I have been writting short tales, but i didn’t do the follow up back then. I think that my believes about money weren’t helping either, believing that writting is not well paid. But if you’re not doing what you love, yeah it will generate some money but not the satisfaction. I have heard of several authors if you’re not doing what you love you’re not successful and it is the truth. How can you feel full of life if you’re not enjoying it.

A few months ago I started writting again and I discovered how liberating it was for me, as liberating as public speaking and singing for me, just for the simple fact to  enjoy and let the words flow through your fingers. The point I want to make is that maybe there’s something deep inside of you that already knows what is  your talent and you don’t have to forget it because of your job or other projects. Only learn to distribute time (I admit it it has been a challenge for me). Ultimately we came to this world to bring our talents and leave it better than it was, not to die with the music inside us and although I recognize that these words I write them because  it has been a challenge for me also put it into practice, I recognizes the importance of taking action. Start taking small steps, but every day, walking, crawling, whatever you need to get to the point where you want to go. Getting to your own success, because if success is to do what you love to do therefore it depends in the eye of the beholder.

Angie M.