There are moments in our lives where although it seems that things do not necessarily go as imagined, are just like they had to go, to learn lessons and be prepared for new adventures that lie ahead.

It is in these moments that our soul cries to seek within us the way to prepare for better situations, to leave the comfort zone, to achieve new goals, to have better relationships, just to be better people. And it is a fact that the real moment of change begins when we focus on ourselves, when we are ready  or as they say “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” Personally a few weeks ago I realized that there was an area that had more than forgotten, this was the spiritual one, because it’s true, we are mind, body and spirit, however, most of the time we forget one of these. That’s when we decided to make the change and nurture the area of ​​our lives that is undernourished.

In this case it was to feed the spiritual area and it’s something about synchronicity of our thoughts which leads us to attract situations and people we need. In my case it was a book, a course, a trip. The first two, the course and the book were recommended to me two years ago but for different reasons or excuses I did not take or read, or really I was not ready for them. The fact is that this trio helped me to see inside me, to look back at my life purpose, to listen to my heart and connect with my roots in the case of the trip, to release old attachments, to love more, not need anyone’s approval, to be !!!

I invite you that if you feel something is missing in your day , if seasoning is missing in your life, you take a moment to reflect on the actions you are taking, people with whom you are joining, what is entering into mind, what are the new goals you want to achieve, what do you want to get? Keep looking until you find it, keep growing to become a better version of yourself, but specially do not stop learning.   Remember everything has a lesson to learn and some people are not gonna be with you anymore, but there are people that are going to remain, but overall you always always are going to have you.