Change, a moment of excitement or fear?


Change, change, change, whenever we hear that word is like something is going on isn’t it ?? It’s a good question. Truly, it is natural that we get to feel some resistance to change, and partly because we have always believed it that way and another because we associate pain to change as Tony Robbins says. Most of the time we associate so much pain to change a situation because we have no certainty of how things are going to work, so we prefer to stay on what we already know, what we think there is certainty. But you just need some focus and perspective on how to associate the change because something is a fact and is a phrase that I love and gives me peace of mind whenever I go through moments of frustration, “the only constant is change”.  That’s it!

Obviously whether the change is planned or not, we need some time to adapt, but it is up to us to take care of the words we say that directly impact the subconscious. Yesterday while I was talking with my friend Karla Lloyd I told her that I was nervous of my new plans, and she told me if I was feeling nervous or excited. Her question got me thinking and I told her I was excited, that I didn’t know how things are going to work out but I was sooo excited!!! Then she told me to be aware of the language I was using. She told me be careful of the language you use because being nervous relates to worry and that relates to not have faith or self-esteem. You must be careful how you talk to yourself, you must not be afraid of taking responsibility because it is exactly what you want. And it really is a change, but the perspective of how we take it will change our mood. To be excited to no longer  be or vice versa.

I know sometimes it can be difficult to start becoming aware of our language, but you have to realize the impact. How do you feel when you say you’re excited? You feel happy and content right?, and you’re smiling right? Now you see the change that this can bring your entire being. And yes, change is unknown, but instead associate stressful situations, start thinking everything that you can do, whom you will meet, the experiences that you will live and feel, everything changes, you put yourself in a completely different state, where faith is, where you trust and where your heart leads you.

By the way to learn more about the language we use I recommend the book Awakening the giant within by Tony Robbins, it is AWESOMEEE !!! 🙂