There is a wild woman inside you, an intuitive goddess, a rebel  that is calling you.Listen to her. Do not mute her by anyone. She is your true self. She is your strength. She’s your truth and your cure. It is a very nice phrase I found  it while I was watching some intagram pictures about motivational phrases, personal care, business, etc. But surely that was the one that caught my attention and there are no coincidences, but rather the causalities, when we are ready to pay attention to an issue, just look and begin to attract more of those situations that leave us lessons in life, and “coincidentally” hehe, in the areas we need to learn. The other day for example one of the books I was reading, took me to share it with several friends suggested me to write about it. Particularly I think that back then it was resonating  with me because I was at that point. In essence, the book spoke of leaving us to deceive (men and women, although the truth was more dedicated to women) when we know that a relationship is going anywhere, and begin to make us stronger and decide to raise our standards of relationship we want, because it is liberating, let it flow and focus on stimulating thoughts and not to turn the head to situations, without finding any solution. It seems that I don’t have a point, but I swear I have one, that’s where I’m going.

Any situation that is not resonating with you, that is not vibrating you have to identify it first, feel it and release it. This easy well say, is different to practice it, but particularly when we’re in conflict is a part of our being that sometimes lack explore more. In my case it is the spiritual part, but everyone knows which part is the one that needs to be develop, one is the intellectual part, other physics, whatever your essence feel that you need to be focus on. A week  my friend Karla Lloyd and I had the opportunity to go to an event that focused on the spiritual part, a meditation called sacred chambers, was a strong liberating experience, everyone has their own experience, I invite you to go deep into yourself. The point is to really stick with that self-knowledge, because the more you realice you know, you can see how much do you need to know, it’s just a step that prepares you for the next step in your evolution as a business person, as a woman or man and in essence as a human being. So keep growing and hey .. go for it.

 Angie M