A great Woman…

A great woman that I call my mother, who has always been there no matter the distance, that great woman is that I dedicate this publication. A great woman…

.-Who conceived me and cared for me and with her strong personality made me know what was right and what was wrong (not always the way I wanted heheh).

-Who saw me grow and that during my years of puberty she handled my insolence .

-At great woman that during  my adolescence we were very distant from one another, not because we were busy, now I understand, but because neither dared to go deeper into our feelings and we had only superficial conversations.

-A great woman who supported me financially with my imitation  perfume business, which proved to be a fraud, but she believed in me.

-A great woman that I had away for many years but was always close at heart and with technology. Which taught me to be a warrior.

-A great woman who seems so hard, but over the years I learned to discover her fragile heart and the way that she feels is so deep.

-A great emotional woman that made me know the meaning of “patience”, I’m still being working on it, but not like I used to, just judging her, but understanding her better and better now.

-A great woman that her expression says it all. A great woman that I regretted not being there when she needed me most. Now I understand and increasingly the meaning God, family and business and not just as a publishing of facebook instagram. But doing  it as well.

-A great woman who is my mother, that many things I’ve done have been posible because of her, to this great woman is the one I love and although we are far away, having heard her voice in the morning and sspecially her quips and tips, that what i save in my heart.:)

Angie M.